How to Reset a 50 Amp Manual-Reset Circuit Breaker

How to Reset a 50 Amp Manual-Reset Circuit Breaker

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An electrical breaker stops the flow of electricity in case of an emergency or power short. When the breaker detects that an overload of current is trying to pass through a circuit, it will trip and effectively break the power flow. If no breaker is present, the power overload could damage any equipment being used on that circuit. In large boats, 50 amp breakers are commonly found between the battery and the boat's motors. If a 50 amp manual breaker trips on your boat, you can reset it very quickly.

Locate the 50 amp manual reset breaker between your battery and boat motor. It will look like a small black box with two wire terminals on top. The box will have power cables running from the battery and to the motor attached to it.

Press in the reset button on the side of the breaker. The button is long and rectangular and will normally be flush with the rest of the breaker. When the breaker is tripped however, the button will protrude from the unit.

Start your boat's engine to ensure that proper power has been restored. If the button continues to pop out, there is a short circuit somewhere in your boat's electrical lines and you should consult a mechanic for further help.


  • Always use caution when working with boat batteries. Improper use can cause bodily harm.
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