How to Replace the Firing Pin in a Remington Model 1100

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If you pull your Remington 1100 semi-automatic shotgun's trigger and the only thing you hear is a click, it's likely that there is a problem with the shotgun's firing pin. The firing pin is the part of the shotgun that strikes the explosive primer in the shell, causing it to ignite. If the firing pin is damaged, the shotgun simply won't fire. Your only choice it to replace the damaged pin. Set aside about 30 minutes to complete this repair.

Items you will need

  • Vise

  • Brass pin punch

  • Tape

  • Soft mallet


Perform a visual and physical inspection of the magazine to make sure the gun is unloaded. Press up on the feed latch and use your finger to feel for the magazine spring follower. The follower is usually bright orange to let you know that the magazine is empty. Next, pull the bolt to the rear until it locks into place. Look into the chamber to ensure there are no shells.

Remove the magazine tube cap by unscrewing it counterclockwise. Pull the fore-end piece off the firearm by sliding it off the end of the magazine tube.

Pull the barrel assembly out of the chamber. Once you remove the fore-end piece, nothing holds the barrel in place, and you can simply slide it out of the chamber and off the magazine tube.

Pull the bolt handle out of the bolt. It will require some force, but there is nothing holding the handle in place other than a detent (a catch) on the handle itself.

Depress the feed lever and press the magazine follower back into the magazine. The magazine follower prevents you from removing the bolt from the chamber unless it is pressed out of the way. Keep the follower depressed, and slide the bolt and action bar out of the chamber. Set the action bar aside, and mount the bolt in a vise, with the top facing upward.

Use a brass pin punch or similar soft tool to drive the "firing pin retaining pin" (so named by the Remington manual) out of the bolt. The retaining pin, which holds the firing pin in place, is located at the bolt's rear, and runs top to bottom. When you remove the retaining pin, the firing pin retractor spring might cause the firing pin to shoot out of the bolt. Prevent this by covering the rear of the bolt with a piece of tape prior to removing the pin. Pull the firing pin and the firing pin retractor spring out of the bolt.


Place the firing pin retractor spring over the front of the new firing pin. The front of the pin is the pointed part. Insert the pin and spring assembly into the bolt, from the rear to the front.

Push on the pin until you see it protrude slightly from the front of the bolt. Maintain that pressure and replace the firing pin retaining pin. Use a soft mallet to seat it firmly, if necessary.

Place the bolt on the top of the action bar, seated all the way to the rear of the bar. Depress the feed lever and push the magazine follower up into the magazine. While doing so, insert the bolt and action arm into the chamber. Release the magazine follower to lock the bolt into place.

Insert the bolt handle back into the bolt.

Insert the barrel into the chamber, making sure the cylinder on the bottom of the barrel slides into place over the magazine tube. Slide the fore-end over the magazine tube and replace the magazine tube cap by screwing it on in a clockwise manner. Tighten it firmly by hand.

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