How to Replace the Generator in an RV

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The RV generator keeps power flowing to the rig when not connected to outside electrical sources. Most RV generators use diesel gas to power them up, requiring a gas can to be brought along and stored on the RV. When the generator on your RV needs replacing, chances are high the RV is already equipped for a generator, making the change a straightforward affair.

Disconnect the red and black cables leading to the RV DC batteries from the generator. Unplug any electrical plugs leading into the generator and make sure the RV is powered off.

Unscrew any generator attachment mounts or brackets. RV attachment systems vary and may use metric or imperial bolts requiring a ratchet and socket or screwdrivers.

Remove the old generator form the housing once all attachment points are removed. Take care not to spill any fuel from the old generator.

Place the new generator into the RV housing area and attach the mounts or brackets to lock the RV generator into position.

Attach the red and black cables to the generator and battery. Screw in the white grounding wire to the battery and to the grounding set-screw on the generator. Use the generator user manual to locate the grounding set-screw.

Start the generator then go inside the RV and turn on lights and electric devices to test the efficiency of the new generator and the installation.


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