How to Replace Dart Flights

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Although darts are rugged metal devices that last for a long time, the flights are not. Flights are made out of feather, rubber or plastic. They need to be removed every time the dart is put away, which gradually fatigues them and wears them out. Fortunately, there are many different replacement dart flights available that you can fit once you understand the process.

Items you will need

  • Dart flights

Choose your dart flights. Standard dart flights are pretty wide, which effects the movement of the dart. They straighten the dart out in the air, which makes them good beginner flights. They are also good for people who like to lob their darts rather than throw them straight with a lot of force. Narrower flights are good for short shaft darts and for aggressive throwers. Check the reference below for more info on dart flights.

Pull the old flight straight out of the shaft of your dart. You can save it in your dart case as a spare, or simply throw it out.

Inspect the dart shaft. If it is cracked or bent in any way, unscrew it and screw in a new shaft. Plastic shafts go bad all the time, and a new flight won't help your game if it is wobbling around in an old shaft.

Gently bend the new flight so that the planes are at right angles to each other. The flight should form two flat, intersecting planes for a total of four fins.

line up the flight with the slits on the back of the shaft. Gently push the flight into the shaft until it is all the way in.


  • Some old-style feather flights actually come attached to their own shafts. You can just screw these flights in the same way you would screw in a new shaft.
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