How to Replace Bulb in Coleman Lantern

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Coleman lanterns provide hours of light when you are outdoors and require light. Three types of lights are used in the lanterns. LED light bulbs provide years of light without a need for replacement. The fluorescent and standard light bulbs used in Coleman lanterns have a shorter life span than LEDs and require frequent bulb changes. The amount of bulb changes required depends on how often you use the lantern.

Items you will need

  • Replacement light bulb

Twist the clear plastic top covering the blown light bulb counterclockwise to loosen it from the lantern. Lift the top, and set it aside.

Push the two tabs located on either side of the light bulb away from the center of the lantern. Lift the bulb from the lantern. Read the bulb size and style printed on the bottom of the light bulb. Purchase a replacement light bulb matching the lantern.

Align the male connector located on the bottom of the replacement bulb with the female connector located in the center of the lantern. Turn on the lantern to test the bulb. Check the bulb connection and the lantern batteries if the light bulb does not light up.

Screw the clear lantern top clockwise to thread it over the newly installed light bulb.

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