How to Replace an Awning Strap

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The awning strap, or pull strap, is used to extend and retract the awning. Over time, the strap can become worn and may break. A broken awning strap must be replaced in order to use the awning. Ideally, a worn strap should be replaced before it breaks. It is easier to replace the awning strap on certain types of awnings, but it is not difficult to replace a strap on any type of awning.

Items you will need

  • Awning rod

  • Awning strap

  • Drill

  • 3/8-inch drill bit

  • Scissors or utility knife

Step 1

Extend the awning. If the awning strap has not yet broken, insert an awning rod into the loop on the strap and pull to open the awning. If the strap has broken, you will need to manually roll the awning out.

Step 2

Locate the open slot on the roller tube. Insert the strap into the slot. If the awning tube has an open slot, skip Steps 3 and 4 and proceed to Step 5. If the awning tube does not have an open slot, you will need to create an opening to insert the strap. Proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Drill a hole two inches from the end of the awning tube inside the groove. Use an electric drill and a 3/8-inch drill. Hold the drill at a 45-degree angle inside the groove.

Step 4

Insert the strap into the hole at a 45-degree angle and turn it clockwise to straighten it. Slide the strap to the center of the awning tube.

Step 5

Cut the old awning strap as close to the tube as possible with a pair of sharp scissors or a utility knife.


  • Inspect the awning strap periodically for wear. Replace a strap that is frayed, cut or brittle.
  • An open loop makes it easier to insert the awning rod into the strap to open and close the awning. Turn the loop on the end of the strap inside out and place a small amount of silicone into the folds. Allow it to dry and turn the strap right. The silicone will hold the loop open for ease of use.