How to Repair a Tubeless Bike Tire

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A tubeless bike tire doesn't have an inner tube like other bicycle wheels, so air is pumped directly into the tire. If your tubeless bike tire gets a puncture, you will have to apply the repair directly to the inside of the tire since there is no inner tube. This is not difficult to do as long as you have the proper tools. You can find all of the materials in a bicycle or sporting supplies store.

Items you will need

  • Chalk

  • Alcohol swab

  • Patch glue

  • Tubeless bike tire patch

  • Bike pump

Mark the puncture with a piece of chalk and then pull the tubeless tire off the rim. The chalk mark will help you find the puncture once the tire is off the rim.

Lay the punctured area flat on a table, with the exterior side of the tire facing down. You will be applying the repair to the inside of the tire.

Wipe over the punctured area with an alcohol swab to clean off any residue or dirt.

Cover the puncture and some of the surrounding area with patch glue. Let it rest until the glue feels sticky when you touch it, but doesn't move or spread out.

Press the tire patch onto the glue and hold it firmly in place for a minute.

Pull the tire back onto the rim so it sits like it did before you removed it. Inflate the tire fully and let the patch set for one or two days before riding on it.


  • If your tire is ripped or torn, do not try to patch it because the repair will not work.


  • Keep the repair tools with you when you go for long or difficult rides so you can repair your bike on the spot. You should also carry a spare so that the repair can set properly.