How to Repair an RV Tub

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Having your own, private RV tub can be a luxury in a crowded campground with limited and often dirty showers. A small crack or hole in your RV tub, however, can lead to big problems in the future. Locating a reputable RV repair shop while traveling can be difficult, and professional repairs can be both time consuming and costly. Learn to perform your own tub repair work to save time and money, and you will be back to bathing in your own private tub at your favorite campsite.

Clean the RV tub completely. Scrub off all mildew, dirt and debris. Allow to dry completely.

Drill a 1/4-inch hole at each end of the crack in the tub. This prevents the crack from getting larger.

Cut a piece of EternaBond tape large enough to cover the crack completely, allowing for a one-inch overlap on all sides of the crack. Round out the corners of the tape with scissors.

Sand around the cracked surface lightly with sandpaper. Clean the area with a damp cloth and allow to dry completely.

Peel the back off of the piece of cut tape and apply to the crack. Smooth the tape. Allow tape to set for two to three hours before using the tub.


  • Apply EternaBond tape when the tub surface is warm for best adhesion.


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