How to Repair an RV Power Converter

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A power converter transforms AC power to DC power in an RV, and can usually charge your batteries as well. This means you can have electrical power whenever you need it. When the converter goes out, it can cause a number of problems. Some of the problems can be fixed on your own without paying for a costly repair.

Items you will need

  • Hex drivers

  • Screwdrivers

  • Wrenches

  • Ohmmeter

  • Pop rivets and gun

  • Resistor

  • Drill and bits

Step 1

Remove the hex screws from the front board with a hex driver. Remove the screws holding on the other board as well with a screwdriver.

Step 2

Remove the wiring from the distribution board with a screwdriver. Open the cover to the AC circuit breakers.

Step 3

Unscrew the white wire which goes to the left side vertical strip. Locate the black wire coming from the right hand circuit breaker and unscrew it.

Step 4

Remove the power converter. Remove the nylon posts that hold the battery charger circuit board in place.

Step 5

Remove the four hex screws holding the top cover to the converter box. Remove the board containing the electronic parts, including the resistor, rectifier, diode and capacitor. The board must be completely free before removing, or it may crack.

Step 6

Take out the old resistor by drilling out the pop rivet. Replace with a new resistor and reattach the new resistor with a new pop rivet. Reassemble the converter by reversing the steps for removal.