How to Repair a Jayco Tent Canvas

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Jayco tent trailer canvas is strong and weather-resistant, but it can still deteriorate over time. Frequent use often means frequent exposure to the elements, which can weaken the fabric. Vines or bushes rubbing against the tent canvas at your campsite can also cause damage along with falling branches or sneaky rodents. Instead of paying over $1,000 to replace the entire tent canvas, try some simple, at-home repair techniques to extend the life of your Jayco tent canvas.

Locate the section of canvas that needs repairing due to tears, mold or other damage. Cut out the bad section of tent canvas with fabric scissors. Measure the piece of canvas that you have removed.

Choose a pre-washed and pre-shrunk piece of replacement canvas. This can be purchased online or from a local camper or boat shop, and should have UV protection. Cut a patch that is approximately two inches larger than the size of the canvas piece you removed.

Apply a water-proof fabric adhesive, such as Marine Goop, to the edges of your patch. From the inside of the tent trailer, press the patch over the hole you have cut. Smooth all edges of the patch, and wipe up any excess adhesive.

Allow the adhesive to dry completely with good ventilation.

Treat the repair patch with water repellent for rain protection. Use only a water canvas repellent made for your type of canvas. From the outside of the tent trailer, apply the repellent to the patch with the brush applicator and allow it to dry completely.


  • Fabric glue and water-proof adhesive are not permanent and may have to be reapplied every few years.


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