How to Repair a Fishing Net with a Netting Needle

How to Repair a Fishing Net with a Netting Needle

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Fishing nets are a key piece of equipment for a fisherman, but the thin nature of the net lends itself to tears and holes. Fishing nets are made of small boxes created from thin cords and to repair a rip it is important to create a symmetrical box to maintain the structural integrity of the net. A netting needle is the primary tool for this mending, and a few other basic tools can complete the project.

Items you will need

  • Fishing net

  • Scissors

  • Netting needle

  • Netting thread

  • Acrylic spray glue

Locate the tear in your fishing net and carefully cut around it. You want a symmetrical opening, so if the tear cuts through the boxes leaving frayed threads behind, cut so only complete boxes are left.

Thread a netting needle with about 12 inches of netting thread. Both a netting needle and netting thread can be found at most craft stores, and can sometimes be found at outdoor supply stores. Knot the end of the thread.

Tie the end of the netting thread around a corner of one of the boxes that has a corner that is not connected to another box. Use the needle to weave the netting thread to another box corner, and tie in place. Continue process until you have recreated any open boxes.

Recreate any whole boxes that have been torn away, which will occur if the hole is so large that entire boxes have been torn off. Use existing threads to tie your netting thread to at the top center of the hole, drawing the netting thread down vertically to the bottom of the hole. Repeat to the left and right of that center thread as needed, until you have new vertical threads replacing the torn away threads.

Repeat the process from Step 4, this time making horizontal lines. Tie the end of your netting thread to the corner of the box at the center left of the hole, weaving the thread through the horizontal threads you just added. The thread should go under the first vertical thread, over the next, under the next, and so on until you reach the right side of the hole. Tie the netting thread to the center box to the right. Repeat above and below that center horizontal netting thread until the hole is filled.

Spray the mended area with some acrylic glue spray, which will harden the thread and keep it from re-tearing. This product can be found at most craft stores. Let dry.


  • Make sure knots are tied tightly enough to prevent them from slipping open.


  • Put some old newspaper under the net when you spray it with the acrylic glue.
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