How to Repair Canvas for a Canopy

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Canvas is a durable material, but when applied as a canopy it usually sits outdoors in all weathers. Accidents and the elements mean some wear and tear is inevitable. There is a simple way to patch up torn, rotted, burnt or punctured canvas that will restore the waterproof qualities of the canopy, and if done correctly, the repair will prove almost invisible. Best of all, the repair job should take only 15 minutes to complete.

Items you will need

  • Ladder (possible)

  • Spare, matching canvas fabric

  • Scissors

  • Tape measure

  • Canvas patching kit

Choose a section of canvas that matches the color and texture of the canvas canopy you are repairing.

Make the hole neat by trimming away any loose threads or other jagged bits around the hole or tear in the canvas with a pair of scissors.

Measure the dimensions of the hole or tear with a tape measure. Cut a pair of patches that has a perimeter 2 inches larger than the measured area.

Smear one side of the patch with adhesive resin and press it over the tear or hole from the inside of the canopy.

Coat the other patch on one side with resin and press it into place on the outside of the canopy, so it has contact with both the canopy and the first patch.


  • Canvas patching kits come with their own patches, but it is unlikely that you will find a good match for your canopy among them. A better idea is to go shopping at fabric, awning and/or marine stores for matching canvas. The resin in the kit will work just as well with your new canvas as with the included patches.
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