How to Remove a Thetford Toilet From a Motorhome

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If your RV cost less than $100,000 and has a permanent toilet installed in it, chances are, that toilet was manufactured by Thetford. Thetford toilets are the most commonly used permanent toilets in all but the most expensive of RVs, so it's important for motorhome owners to know how to navigate them.

There are several different models of Thetford toilets, but the removal instructions for each of them are similar. The steps required to install and remove permanent toilets in RVs are comparable to the processes used for conventional toilets in houses. It only takes about 15 minutes to successfully remove a Thetford toilet, and you can do it all on your own. Here's how.

    Turn off the water supply that runs to the toilet by turning the water pump switch to "off." If the water hose is connected on the outside of the motorhome, make sure to disconnect it.

    Turn off the water supply valve for the toilet spray hose attachment, if your toilet has one. If it does have a toilet spray hose attachment, you should find it located behind the toilet. To turn the valve off, use your hand to twist the knob counter-clockwise.

    Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the toilet bolt covers, if they are installed. Thetford toilets usually have two toilet bolt covers. Depending on the model of the toilet, there will either be a bolt cover at the front and back of the toilet or at the left and right side of the toilet.

    Remove the bolts using a half-inch socket wrench. If your toilet bolts are installed in the front and the back of your Thetford toilet, the bolts might be tricky to reach. To gain access to the front bolt, press and hold the foot flush lever down. To gain access to the back bolt, lift up the seat and cover and remove the access hole, which should be located on top of the hopper. Then use a 12-inch extension with a universal and a 12-inch deep-well socket to remove the rear nut.

    Lift the Thetford toilet straight up off the closet flange.

Tips to keep in mind

  • Once you've removed your Thetfort toilet from the flange, consider placing a cloth rag across the hole. This will keep odors at pay and prevent anything from falling into the black water tank.
  • Consider replacing the flange, or seal, that's between the toilet and the floor before reinstalling a new toilet.

Items you will need

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • 1/2-inch socket wrench

  • 12-inch socket wrench extension

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