How to Remove the Slide on a Glock

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Glock pistols are some of the most popular firearms in the world, and have earned a reputation for accuracy, reliability and durability that is the envy of many other weapons. Glocks are also designed to be simple to take apart for cleaning or parts replacement. No special tools are needed to remove the slide from a Glock, aside from two hands and a bit of motor skill.

Step 1

Press the magazine eject button just below and behind the trigger guard and remove the magazine from the handle of the Glock.

Step 2

Pull the slide back to eject the bullet--if there is one--from the firing chamber. Do not skip this step even if you are certain that the firing chamber is empty, as you should never perform any type of operation on a firearm unless you are 100 percent sure that the weapon is unloaded.

Step 3

Point the gun towards the floor and pull the trigger to release the hammer.

Step 4

Pull the slide back about 1/8th of an inch--the trigger should stay in the "pulled" position when you pull the slide back. If it moves forward, pull the slide all the way back and pull the trigger again to lower the hammer.

Step 5

Pull the slide lock down. The slide lock is a small switch located on the left-hand side of the pistol, just above the trigger guard.

Step 6

Push the slide all the way forward to remove it from the frame.

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