How to Remove Scratches From Plexiglass

Plexiglass is used, in most cases, to replace windows or other glass furnishings. It is commonly used in places where damage from the elements would break real glass. A greenhouse is a great example of this. Because of this exposure to rain, hail and falling leaves and branches, Plexiglass often becomes scratched. The scratches create an unattractive appearance. Small, unsightly scratches on Plexiglass can be smoothed out. They can be made almost invisible with inexpensive glue and a little elbow grease. The whole process takes less than an afternoon. By the next morning; all traces of the scratches should have disappeared. Repairing the scratches is more cost effective than replacing the Plexiglass.

Squeeze a small amount of school glue onto a scrap sheet of paper. Use only a small amount at a time, as the glue dries quickly when exposed to air.

Dip one end of a cotton swab into the glue. Apply the glue to the scratch in the Plexiglass, taking care not to smear glue on the surrounding unscratched area. Repeat for any other scratches on the Plexiglass.

Allow the glue to dry for at least 30 minutes. Dampen the soft cloth and wipe over the area to remove any excess glue from around the scratches.

Let the glue finish drying overnight before using any type of cleaner on the Plexiglass.


  • Leaving the glue on the Plexiglass too long creates more work, as you will need a razor blade to remove the excess. This can lead to more scratches on the Plexiglass.


  • School glue dries clear and fills the scratches making them almost invisible. Elmer's school glue is a brand known to work for this process.
  • If possible, work in a well lit area where the scratches are easier to see.
  • This process is easier if the Plexiglass item is laid out on a flat surface. Working on an installed window or panel can make the glue run, making it more difficult to control.