How to Remove Rust From Stucco

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Removing rust from stucco is a reversible action that anyone can complete. The hardest part of the treatment is reaching the rust in the tricky places. With some revolutionary cleaning products and a ladder, you can protect your stucco from mess that rust creates. In addition to removing the rust, you may want to find the source of the corrosion. Rust on the exterior is usually a sign of moisture getting into places that should be sealed off. It may save you money in the long run to get the house looked at by a professional to determine the depth of the rust problem.

Items you will need

  • Ladder

  • Rusterizer cleaning solution

  • Spray bottle

Remove Rust

Find a cleaning agent. When removing rust from stucco, it’s all about the cleaning product. You want to select a product that will take the rust off of the stucco without stripping your paint or damaging the exterior of your house. The goal is to make your house look better, not worse. You also should look for a convenient solution that provides the easiest form of application. If you are a couple of stories up and teetering on a ladder, you’ll need a product that can be applied with ease. I highly recommend that you find a product that can be sprayed on to the side of a building without any scrubbing or mixing. A product that I have used for removing rust from stucco is known as Rusterizer. Visit their Web site for product ordering. If you aren’t sure what will work best, you can request a sample from them at no charge. For other products, search the Internet or home improvement stores for a similar product.

Reach the source. If your rust problem is on ground level, then you're lucky. You’ll be able to easily apply your cleaning solution. But for those who’ve spotted rust at the top of the house, you’re going to need a ladder and some support to reach the corrupted stucco. Make sure to attack this affliction with a partner. You should have him brace the ladder to keep you safe. You need to be close to the rust, so position the ladder at an angle that allows you to spray from no more than three feet away.

Apply the treatment. Now that you have located a product and reached the rust, it’s time to apply the cleaning product. Spray the rusted area and the area around the marking to ensure that you get the microscopic rust molecules. Don’t skimp on the spray. You want to get good coverage on the stain so it can seep in and out of the stucco. If you have selected a good cleaning product, you the rust stain will disappear in front of your eyes.

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