How to Remove Rust From Brass

Depending on the age of the brass, it will begin to corrode and tarnish over time especially if it is subjected to the natural elements like water. While there is no specific reason that can cause brass to tarnish over time, it brings a change color when the zinc dissolves out of it, leaving the brass a dull copper color. Factors that can affect brass and removing the zinc include temperature, oxygen, pH and chloride levels.

Gather brass needing to be polished, brass cleaner and soft cloth.

Put on gloves to protect the skin from cleaning solution and to keep fingerprints off of the polished brass.

Put a capfull of brass cleaner on the soft cloth and apply in a clockwise motion on the brass.

Continue adding brass cleaner to the soft cloth, using a circular motion over the entire piece. Once the brass is covered and dried, use the second cloth to buff off the brass cleaner.

Rinse the entire brass piece with warm water to get any remaining cleaning residue off. Dry it thoroughly with the last clean soft cloth.


  • Be sure to read the directions of the brass cleaner, since some can do more damage than other formulas.