How to Remove a Marker Ski Binding

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Marker ski bindings use the industry standard DIN settings and are held to the ski via carefully calibrated screws and bolts. Through proper torque-wrench settings, the bindings remain in a static position over the boards, letting you cruise the slopes with confidence. Removing the bindings is much easier than installing them as you no longer need to worry about getting torque wrench precision. Although each Marker binding type has its own number or sections of attachment screws, they all follow the same pattern for removal.

Items you will need

  • Power drill with Phillips and flathead bits

  • Horsehair brush

  • Ski bench with clamps

Step 1

Clamp the skis with the Marker bindings onto the ski bench or work bench so the bindings are up and the bases flush with the bench surface.

Step 2

Use the power drill to unscrew the toe-box (front) attachment bolts on the front of the ski. Bring them just to out of the bindings, but do not remove them.

Step 3

Unscrew the heal screws on the back of the binding. Leave the screws in the mounting plates

Step 4

Grip the bindings and lift them straight up and off the skis. If they are sticking to the base, wrap a rubber mallet in a shop rag and gently tap at the edges of the binding to free it from the ski base.

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