How to Remove a Honda Motorcycle Baffle

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Removing the baffle from your Honda motorcycle exhaust pipe may be one of the easiest modifications you ever do. The baffles are located near the tip of the tailpipe, and removing them takes a matter of minutes. It is important to understand that removing the baffles makes the motorcycle noticeably louder and significantly decreases the back-pressure in the exhaust system. On the other hand, the reduced back-pressure makes the motorcycle faster. In the event you are confident running without baffles, park the Honda motorcycle and let the exhaust pipes cool completely before removing a baffle.

Locate the small Torx screw on the side of the tail pipe. Depending on the particular exhaust, the screw either will be located at the outer surface of the tailpipe or set in a shallow recess. Loosen the Torx screw counterclockwise using a Torx driver and remove the screw.

Fold a clean shop rag several times to make a protective padding at the tip of the tail pipe. This prevents scratching the chrome finish. Hold the folded rag against the outer rim of the tailpipe.

Insert the tip of a flat head screwdriver between the rim of the tailpipe and one side of the baffle, using the rag as protection between the screwdriver and the rim of the pipe.

Pry the baffle out of the tailpipe far enough to grip it by hand. Use light pressure to avoid denting the rim of the tailpipe. Pull the baffle out of the tailpipe. Repeat the procedure to remove the second baffle on dual exhausts.


  • Ask an experienced motorcycle mechanic about re-sizing the baffles for partial back-pressure reduction.


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