How to Remove Gun Powder Stains

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Gunpowder is one of the toughest stains around, when it comes to removing it from clothes. The fact that -- if it gets on your skin -- it is like being given a tattoo, should give you some idea what a tough stain it is. Washing soda is your best bet: It includes, among its ingredients, the exceedingly corrosive carbolic acid. If you use this mixed with water, you can lift off a gunpowder stain.

Items you will need

  • Washing soda

  • Cloth

Step 1

Buy washing soda from a drugstore. This has the corrosive properties to remove gunpowder stains --although there is no guarantee it will not slightly damage your clothes. Unfortunately there is no way to remove gunpowder from clothes that is sure not to damage them, as it is simply too tough a stain.

Step 2

Apply a very small amount of washing soda to the affected area of your clothes and allow the acid to settle into the stain for approximately one minute.

Step 3

Rub the area firmly and quickly with a damp clean cloth. The gunpowder residue will come away, although it is likely that some of the color in the clothing will come off too -- unfortunately, this is a necessary evil.


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