How to Remove the Front Wheel of a Mountain Bike

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Removing the front wheel of a mountain bike means you can transport the bike easily and effectively in almost any vehicle without much delay. And, if you get a flat while on the trail, knowing how to remove the front tire properly means fixing the flat in a cinch.

Stand in front of your mountain bike so you can grab the handle bars with one hand and balance the bike as you take off the front wheel.

Locate the front fork end of your mountain bike where the front wheel axis rotates as you ride it.

Find the release lever that releases the front wheel from the mountain bike.

Lean down and firmly place your thumb against the back of the release lever. Keep your stance while placing the index finger behind the fork. Brace the thumb against the lever and flip it free.

Spin the lever around several times until it becomes loose.

Pull the front wheel from the fork as it pops off the fork and hold it in your hand.

Maneuver the wheel around the brake pads and take the front wheel completely off. Go slow and don't hurry the process. Clear the brake pads to avoid knocking them out of alignment.


  • Taking the front wheel off a mountain bike starts with putting the wheel on correctly in the first place. The design of the quick release lever allows you to easily secure the tire on by performing a snug fit, but not a tight fit. A tight fit makes removing the front wheel difficult and time consuming.
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