How to Remove a Ford Ranger Window Crank

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The window crank on the Ford Ranger is different than other models of trucks. Instead of using snap pins that attach to the door panel, they only use torx screws. The screws can be popped off with a simple screwdriver, meaning that unlike other trucks, these cranks are fairly easy to remove.

Items you will need

  • Flat screwdriver

Remove the plastic covering from the window crank by turning it slightly. You need to move it enough to locate the torx screw, but it doesn't have to come off completely. The torx screw attaches the crank to the door.

Unscrew the torx screw from the crank. This large screw holds the crank in place and it sits directly in the middle of the door. Until it's removed, you can't remove the crank.

Place a flat head screwdriver against the larger end of the crank and apply a small amount of pressure to remove the cover. The cover comes off much easier once you remove the torx screw since it's partially attached to the cover.

Take off the two screws located at the base of the window crank. These two screws serve as a backup to the torx screw and connect the crank to the inside of the door.

Slide off the window crank once you've removed the cover and all the screws. Once those pieces are removed, the crank should easily slide off the door.


  • Always use caution when working with sharp objects to reduce the risk of injury.


  • Alternatively, you can use a window crank remover tool to do this project. The tool looks like a small metal "U" that slides behind the crank and pushes off the torx screw.
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