How to Remove Evinrude Controls

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When you want to remove the combined throttle and shift control, called the "remote standard controls" by Evinrude, you not only remove the control unit from the boat, you must open the control unit and remove the control cable from the unit. Though they're called "standard controls," there are minor variations in the sizes of the screws, but otherwise, once the unit is free of the boat, the project is all but complete.

Items you will need

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Standard slotted screwdriver

  • Small wooden blocks

  • Allen wrench

  • Center punch

  • Rubber mallet

Remove the nuts and battery cables from the battery posts with an adjustable wrench. Remove the two retaining screws, using a standard slotted screwdriver, and separate the remote from the boat with the cable still attached. Place the control housing, with the control handle side downward, on small wooden blocks positioned on either side of the handle.

Loosen the Allen screw, accessed through the small round opening on the back of the remote housing, for three full turns with an Allen wrench. Place a center punch inside the head of the Allen screw. Tap on the punch with a rubber mallet, dislodging the control handle splines from the hub splines. Finish unthreading the Allen screw and remove the handle.

Remove the three cover screws from the back of the housing. Separate the housing and cover. Pull the shift cable pin from the shift control clevis on the bottom of the shift lever to disconnect the cable.


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