How to Remove Decals From a Travel Trailer

by Amy Kingston

Remove old, faded or peeling decals and stripes on your travel trailer. If you would like to give the travel trailer an updated look by installing new vinyl graphics or stripes, you must completely remove the old decals and adhesive. The surface of the travel trailer fades over time, and the color of the area previously covered by decals will differ in color and appearance.

Friction Method

  1. Place a large area stripe removal disc on a buffer or sander-polisher. Put on protective goggles.

  2. Turn the buffer or sander-polisher on, and press the disc against the decals. The spinning disc will remove the old decal and adhesive.

  3. Move the disc along the decals, taking care not to contact moldings or rubber seals. Continue until all decals are removed.

Heat-Assisted Method

  1. Move the travel trailer into direct sunlight.

  2. Plug in and turn on a clothing steamer or heat gun.

  3. Hold the heat gun or steamer over the edge of the decal to loosen the decal.

  4. Pull the edge of the decal and move the steamer or heat gun along the decal to loosen and remove it.

Items you will need

  • Large area stripe removal disc
  • Buffer or sander-polisher
  • Protective goggles
  • Clothing steamer or heat gun


  • Old or cracked vinyl decals will separate from the adhesive. Steam or heat will not remove the adhesive on the surface of the travel trailer. Remove cracked decals with a buffer or sander-polisher.
  • Cover the area where decals were removed with new decals to hide the difference in colors.

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