How to Remove Air Bubbles From Car Window Tinting Film

Window tinting, a popular after market feature, is not without its flaws. A home tint job typically suffers from air bubbles trapped between the tinting film and the window. If this happens, all is not lost. With a few tools commonly found around the house, you can fix a tint job to look just as clean and neat as if a professional had done the job.

Move your vehicle to a sunny area. The warmth will help as you rework the adhesive on the tinting film. Leave your car for an hour or two, depending on how warm the day is.

Moisten the tinting film with water from the spray bottle. Make sure the bottle is set to its finest misting option. Do not drench the film; just moisten the film enough to make the adhesive a bit more malleable.

Take a pin, and pop each of the air bubbles. Make a very small hole and be careful not to tear the film as you are doing this. If a number of air bubbles are in the same area, make sure you get each one. It will make smoothing the bubbles out much easier

If the water has dried, remoisten the film and begin sqeezing the air bubbles closed. Take the credit card and place it on the window at a 45-degree angle. Slowly and with medium pressure slide the card across the popped bubbles. Do not apply too much pressure, as you could tear the bubbles. Make long, smooth strokes.

Continue smoothing over the bubbles in long strokes until they have flattened completely. Remoisten the film as needed, being careful not to over-wet the film.