How to Remove the Governor for a 50cc Honda Metro Scooter

How to Remove the Governor for a 50cc Honda Metro Scooter

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Mechanical governors limit the speed of the vehicles in which they are placed. Typically installed for safety purposes, some scooter governors allow the scooters to be driven at a low enough speed so that you are not required to acquire an M-class license. Removing the governor of your 50 cc Honda Metro scooter will certainly increase its speed, and it may even enable it to travel fast enough that you may need to reregister the vehicle as a larger class motorcycle.

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • Strap wrench

Pull out the pin attaching the kickstart to the variator case of your Honda Metro. You may need to loosen the bolt head of the pin with a socket wrench prior to pulling it. Pulling it will allow you to remove the kickstart from the side of your scooter.

Remove the intake case from its position above the variator case. The intake case is held in place by three bolts that can be unscrewed with a standard socket wrench. Removing the case will give you more space to work with the variator system.

Unscrew the six bolts holding the lid onto the front of the variator system. The variator system is the metallic tubular case your Metro's kickstart was attached to. Set the bolts and case lid aside.

Secure the front pulley wheel in the variator system with a strap wrench. Wrap the strap around the wheel, tighten it and jam the handle of the wrench underneath the rear pulley wheel. This will give you sufficient leverage to remove the bolt holding the wheel in place without turning the wheel.

Unscrew and remove the bolt holding the front pulley wheel in place.

Pull the governing washer off of the front pulley rod. This washer acts as a governor for your scooter, restricting the speed at which your variator's belt can run.

Replace the front pulley wheel and tighten the bolt holding it in place. You will need to secure the wheel with your strap wrench to sufficiently tighten the bolt.

Put the variator lid back in place and secure it with the six bolts you removed and set aside.

Reattach the plastic intake case and kickstart.


  • Check your state's laws regarding scooters and licensing. Although a 50 cc bike does not require an M-class license in most states, scooters that can travel over 30 mph may require you to reregister the vehicle as a bigger class motorcycle, requiring you to apply for an M-class license. Removing your Metro's governor could enable it to operate over 30 mph.
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