Raising Maggots for Fish Bait

Raising maggots for fish bait may sound like a disgusting idea to some but maggots are a heavy attractant to fish. A proper system will produce clean and vibrant fish bait for active white wigglers. Furthermore, the use of fruit makes maggots a clean smelling and pleasant fish bait.

Use the sharp knife and cut slits in the removable lid of the plastic container. An empty ice cream bucket also works well. The slits will allow fresh air into the container for the growing maggots while keeping birds out.

Cut and section the ripe cantaloupe into wide sections. Do not remove the seeds or pulp as you normally would to eat the cantaloupe. The maggots enjoy this part as their primary food.

Layer the cut sections of cantaloupe in the plastic container. There may not be enough room for the entire fruit and you can save the extra for later or eat it yourself. Stack the wedges so there is room between the pieces. The fly larvae will need room to wiggle around as they grow.

Place the container in a warm but shaded area with the cover off. The shade prevents the cantaloupe from drying out too quickly. You should notice some white wigglers in the fruit within several days. In about five to six days the maggots should be of such a size that they are ready for the hook.

Place the cover over the container to keep birds from stealing the bait. The cover can also be used to start more maggots as the flies mature.


  • Maggots can only be raised when flies are in season.