How to Put String on a Zebco Fishing Pole

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Replacing or installing new string on a Zebco fishing pole is a simple matter if you understand the basics. Follow these tips and you'll be fishing in no time.

Items you will need

  • Zebco fishing pole

  • Fishing line

  • Scissors

Lay the spool of string on the floor and grab the end of the line between your thumb and index finger. Carefully begin to thread the line through the small, end eye of the fishing pole. Repeat threading through each eye until you reach the open hole of the Zebco reel.

Remove the cover of the Zebco reel by twisting in a counter clockwise motion. Be sure to pull enough string through the last eye, before you twist off the cover. Thread the string through the cover’s center hole. Push the release button on the reel and the catch reel will move forward. Tie the end of the line around the small spool behind the catch reel. You may want to make several knots. Cut off any excess line that is outside of the catch reel.

Replace the cover over the reel and slowly, but carefully, begin to reel the line onto the spool. Use your forefinger and thumb to keep a little pressure on the line before it enters the center hole of the reel. This will keep the line from kinking inside the catch reel. It is your decision as to how much line you wish to have on the spool of the Zebco reel, but a good rule of thumb is approximately 30 to 40 yards. A good estimation, is that each full revolution of the handle will reel in approximately one foot of string.

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