How to Put a Scope on a Mosin Nagant

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The Mosin Nagant rifle was the primary battle weapon of the Soviet army during World War II. An amazingly accurate rifle, the Mosin Nagant was commonly used by snipers. A scope can be mounted on your Mosin Nagant rifle by replacing the rear sight with a weaver-style scope mount. You must then have weaver-style scope rings attached to your scope. Before working on your rifle, visually inspect the chamber and make sure the rifle is unloaded.

Step 1

Locate the retention pin that keeps the rear sight in position. Place your pin punch against the pin and lightly tap with a hammer until the pin falls through the other side. Remove the rear sight.

Step 2

Place the block on the bottom of the scope mount into the groove used by the rear sight.

Step 3

Press down on the scope mount so that the screw hole—located on the mount—is accessible through the pin holes.

Step 4

Screw the mount into position by placing the retention screw through the pin hole and securing it to the mount.

Step 5

Attach your scope to the weaver-style mount by loosening the retention screws at the bottom of the scope rings to allow the mounting bracket to slide over the sides of mount and placing the scope on the mount. Align the retention brackets along the sides of the mount and tighten the retention screws.


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