How to Put Mealworms on a Fishhook

How to Put Mealworms on a Fishhook

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Different people like to use different bait when fishing. These baits might include worms, clams, insects, shrimp and other fish. Mealworms are classed as a "soft bait," and must be used with a bait-holder hook. This type of hook has barbs on the shank for securing and holding the bait in place.

Items you will need

  • Bait holder hook

  • Mealworms

  • Fishing rod

Cut the worm in half if it is larger than 1/3-inch long. Fish eat the sections of worm hanging off the hook -- but do not swallow the hook -- when the worm is too long.

Thread the meal worm on to the hook. Pass the hook through the center of the worm's body. It must touch the bend on the back of the hook, and the barb must be imbedded. This ensures that the bait stays on the hook.

Attach more worms if necessary. You might fit up to four worms on a single hook. Covering the hook fully is a good idea; the fish are more likely to strike and bite the hook.

Cast into the lake, pond, river or stream. Wait for a fish to bite. Reel in your line and check the hook every so often. Fish are talented at stripping mealworms from a hook.

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