How to Put a Hook on a Fishing Pole

Fishing is not only a recreational activity but also a sport. A sport filled with complicated techniques and equipment. One of the most basic elements of fishing is the hook, attaching it to the line. The hook is what actually snags and catches the fish so it is essential and correctly tying the hook to the line is vital to ensure the hook remains firmly attached to the line.

Set up your fishing rod and reel. String the reel with the appropriate line for the type of fishing you will be doing. Attach any weights or leaders you need on the line before the hook. Select your hook size and shape based on where you will be fishing and what kind of fish you plan on catching.

Tie a Palomar knot. Double the line over itself and make a loop. Feed the end of the line through the eye of the hook then hold the long end of the line and cross it over the loop to make an overhand knot. Push the hook's eye through the end of the loop. Pull the hook eye, free line and tag line end to tighten the knot.

Try tying an improved cinch knot for a stronger knot on the hook. Push the line through the eye of the hook. Double it back and make five complete turns around the line. Push the end of the line through the first loop above the hook's eye then back through the large loop. Push the end of the line through the first loop by the eye. Tighten the ends.

Tie a trilene knot if fishing in murky waters as this will glide through easily. Push the line through the eye of the hook then double back through the eye one more time. Hold the hook's eye in your right hand and the free line in your right. Wrap the tag line around the free line six times. Feed the tag line end through the loop you made threading the line through the hook. Tighten by pulling the tag line and free line at the same time.

Pull on the ends of the line to ensure that your knot is tight and secure. That's it. Just go out there and have fun fishing. Good luck!


  • Never just tie a simple single knot, it is too weak and will come off.


  • Be careful not to poke yourself with the hook when tying it.