How to Pull a Tube With a Jet Ski

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Jet Skis are personal recreational water vehicles manufactured by the Kawasaki company. Jet Skis have engines that can propel them above 60 mph. The 2011 Jet Ski has more than enough power to pull a person in a tube. Tubing with a Jet Ski isn't much different than tubing with a boat. The same safety requirements and fail safes apply in each case. A Jet Ski is not as powerful as a full-size boat and may not pull a person as fast as larger boat.

Items you will need

  • Two-seat Jet Ski

  • Tow line

  • Tube

  • Jet Ski towing accessory

  • Phillips or flat-head screwdriver

  • Life vests

  • Spotter

Step 1

Speak to your local authorities to find whether or not it is legal to tow a tube behind a Jet Ski in your city, county and state. Never pull a tube if it is illegal in your state.

Step 2

Buy a new tow line or use a tow line you already own. Check your tow line for fraying before using it. Grab one end and have a friend pull the other to test its strength. Never use a rope that has any fraying.

Step 3

Tie your tow line to your tube using whatever knot you feel comfortable using. Make a double knot to secure it tightly.

Step 4

Find the screw holes at the back of your Jet Ski that allow you to add accessories to the back. Inspect it carefully as the position varies depending on the Jet Ski model.

Step 5

Line up your Jet Ski towing accessory holes with the holes on the back of your Jet Ski. Screw the attachment into place using the screws that come with the accessory. Use the correct screwdriver, which may vary depending on the towing kit.

Step 6

Secure the other end of your towing line to your Jet Ski towing accessory. Put on life jackets before you go out on the lake. Double check your rope strength and the security of your knots.

Step 7

Sit on the Jet Ski in the driving position, with a spotter sitting behind you. Never tube without a spotter. Slowly tow the tuber out on the water.

Step 8

Increase your speed as you go out across the lake. Watch for boats, skiers, Jets Skis and tubers. Avoid hitting their wake at full speed as the Jet Ski will be more heavily affected by wake than a boat. Slow down to three quarters to half speed, depending on the size of the wake.

Step 9

Listen to your spotter to hear how your tuber is doing. Slow down if the tuber indicates displeasure with your current speed. Turn around immediately if the tuber falls off. Watch for the tuber as you drive and stop near them. Help them up onto the Jet Ski.

Step 10

Pull your tow line up to the Jet Ski and help the tuber get back on the tube. Push the tube away from you gently and slowly move drive away from it until the line is taut. Resume tubing.