How to Pull a Chevrolet Truck Engine

How to Pull a Chevrolet Truck Engine

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Chevrolet produces trucks with V-8 and V-6 engines. Newer trucks have air conditioning pumps and smog equipment that must be disconnected before the engine can be pulled. Older Chevy trucks have fewer components and are relatively easier to pull. In addition to a complete assortment of sockets and wrenches, many mechanics use a breaker bar to free stubborn bolts. Whether you are swapping out for a bigger engine or rebuilding the existing one, you can pull a Chevrolet truck engine using mechanic tools and an engine hoist.

Items you will need

  • Socket and ratchet sets

  • Drain pan

  • Open-end wrenches

  • Nylon ties

  • 1/4-inch chain

  • Engine hoist

Raise the hood and remove the bolts from the hood hinges. Take the hood off and set it aside. Disconnect the positive battery cable from the battery and the starter solenoid. Disconnect the negative battery lead from the ground bolt on the engine. Disconnect the engine electrical harness from the firewall.

Remove the air cleaner. Remove any smog equipment and accessories that are connected to the particular engine. Disconnect the lead from the engine temperature sensor. Most often, this is at the front of the engine near the upper radiator hose connection. Disconnect the lead from the oil pressure sensor at the side of the engine crankcase.

Drain the engine coolant into a drain pan by opening the petcock on the bottom of the radiator. Remove the cooling fan at the back of the radiator. Disconnect the upper and lower water hoses from the radiator and remove the radiator.

Loosen the belt tension adjustments on the air conditioning pump and alternator. Remove the air conditioning pump and the alternator. Remove the serpentine belt from the air conditioning pulley, alternator pulley and engine crank pulley.

Remove the nuts that hold the exhaust headers to the engine. Pull the headers off the exhaust manifold and away from the engine. Secure the headers against the side of the engine compartment with nylon ties. Remove the starter motor and solenoid assembly from the engine.

Position the end of the engine hoist arm over the center of the engine. Remove an intake manifold bolt from each side of the manifold near the center of the engine. Insert one of the manifold bolts in each end of a 24-inch length of 1/4-inch chain. Thread the manifold bolts back in place on the manifold and tighten them with a socket and ratchet.

Loop the center of the chain onto the hook at the end of the engine hoist arm. Raise the hoist until there is tension on the chain.

Remove the motor mounts from each side of the engine where they connect to the frame crossbar. Remove the bolts from the bell housing at the back of the engine. Raise the hoist to pull the engine.


  • Refer to a repair manual for detailed information regarding disconnection of accessories from a particular engine.
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