Proper Way to Put on Jodhpur Garters

Proper Way to Put on Jodhpur Garters

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A garter strap consists of a long leather band that is narrow in one section and slightly wider where the buckle is attached. It possesses two slits through which the strap loops to secure riding breeches, called jodhpurs, to the body. As a key component of a young equestrian showperson's wardrobe, garter straps keep jodhpurs from riding up during competition. Buckled onto the leg close to the knee like a belt, a garter strap winds around each leg. Together with paddock boots, it is an anticipated part of the turnout or ensemble of junior horse riders at shows.

Step 1

Place the garter strap around the leg just below the knee. The buckle should be centered on the leg, with the two slits of the strap to the right of the buckle when viewed by an observer.

Step 2

Bring the strap end around the leg and through the farthermost slit. Take the strap end and bring it around the leg again and this time, through the buckle.

Step 3

Tuck the end of the garter strap into the slit closest to the buckle, such that the strap end faces the back.

Step 4

Repeat the process with the other leg.


  • Certain garter straps do not require looping through slits. These straps look like traditional garter straps but attach to the leg through hooks and loops inside the strap.
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