Problems With MCD Shades

by Liz Tomas

MCD shades are powered windshield shades used on recreational vehicles (RVs). The shades provide solar protection, and can completely block out light. This helps to reduce heat buildup within the RV and provide privacy during the night. With MCD shades you do not need curtains or window awnings. There are very few problems with these shades, and as new models are released the current problems should be solved.

Set Limits

When the RV's power supply drops too low, the MCD shades will lose their set limits. The set limits are the settings programed into the shades for the height at which they will stop, and their movement speed. When the RV's power drops below 11 volts, these settings are affected. In essence, low RV power drains the electronics. It will be necessary to reprogram these limits when the power has been completely restored.


Accumulated dust from driving can cause MCD shades to function incorrectly. Always vacuum away dust when driving, and clean the shades with a sponge and water to remove stuck-on dust.


Most of the issues with the MCD shade stem from the speed not being properly set. Shades that rise too quickly can be damaged and the speed must be regulated. Alternatively, the shade may not lower enough; or it may lower too far. Change the settings for AutoStop to set the proper stop height.

About the Author

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