How to Prevent Mammal Hair Falling Out in Taxidermy

How to Prevent Mammal Hair Falling Out in Taxidermy

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You take the time to go out and stalk, hunt, shoot, field dress and mount an animal and then you find hair loss on the mount. As frustrating as this is, it is preventable. While hair loss will happen, it can be mitigated by using special products for your hides and by combing and treating the hides in a consistent fashion. Learn from the taxidermy pros and try their tips.

Items you will need

  • Mount Shield

  • Brushes

  • Insect repellent

Brush down hides and pelts only in the direction in which the hair lies. For example, if the hair of the animal points to the rear of the animal (almost all animals have pelts like this) brush in this direction. Brushing against the direction of the hair pulls hair out of the hide and causes patchiness in a mount.

Spray Mount Shield on the hide and let it dry. Brush the hide in the direction of the hair. Mount Shield helps set the hairs together and adds a sheath to the follicles to strengthen them as they age. Mount Shield is available in two-ounce bottles at taxidermy supply shops and outfitters

Keep your work area or taxidermy shop as free of insects and mites as possible. If you do more than two or three mounts each season, consider having your shop cleaned by a professional exterminator. Small insects and mites nest in hides and burrow into the skin, causing the hairs on hides and mounts to fall out.

Spray your hides and mounts with insect repellent once a season.

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