How to Find the Pressure Rating for a Propane Tank

How to Find the Pressure Rating for a Propane Tank

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Most travel trailers and campers use liquid propane (LP) tanks to store the compressed gas. This gas is used for heaters, stoves and hot water tanks. Propane tanks have ratings. The pressure rating is known as a hydrostatic rating. When talking of the pressure rating, the actual item to look for is the gallon rating and size. The pressure in the tank changes as the fuel is used. Maximum-gallon ratings keep tanks safe from overfilling at certified propane dealers. Look at the Tank Manufacturers Nameplate to get the pressure ratings, gallon sizes and safety information. No tank may be filled legally without this nameplate.

Turn the tank over until you spot the Tank Manufacturers Nameplate. This plate is required by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and holds valuable safety information and ratings for the tank.

Read the nameplate and look for the Maximum PSI rating.

Locate the number to the right of the Maximum PSI. This is the pressure rating for the tank. Continue to read past the Maximum PSI and find the temperature rating. The reading looks like this: Maximum PSI - 250 at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Your tank will have its own readings, but will be in this order. In this example, the tank is rated to a maximum of 250 PSI at 400F.

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