How to Post No Hunting Signs in Pennsylvania

How to Post No Hunting Signs in Pennsylvania

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Hunting is a popular pastime, especially in a historic state such as Pennsylvania. According to a 2009 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on hunters being barred from private land, a landowner is under no legal obligation to post "no hunting" or "no trespassing" signs on his property in order for hunting to be illegal there without his consent. While most hunters are respectful and knowledgeable, the posting of no hunting signs (particularly posting signs in a specific way to meet some common misconceptions and prevent vandalism) can help you keep unwanted hunters off of your property.

Items you will need

  • No hunting signs

  • Permanent marker

  • Frame for sign

  • Fence post

  • Mounting hardware

Step 1

Sign your name with permanent maker on your purchased no hunting signs. According to the 2009 Post-Gazette article, many hunters falsely think a sign without a signature to be illegal and thus ignore it, when in fact there are no laws in Pennsylvania about what constitutes a legal sign. Adding your signature will help keep those hunters at bay.

Step 2

Frame your no hunting signs. Also according to the Post-Gazette article, many hunters falsely think that the sign must be mounted in a frame to be legal. This will also keep those hunters from having an excuse should they be caught on your land and will also help protect your sign from natural elements.

Step 3

Post your no hunting signs, securely, on your fence posts as high as possible off the ground using mounting hardware. If you don't have a fence, install new fence posts (sans fence) rather than posting to trees. Again, many hunters think it is illegal to post signs on trees when there is no such law, but do not give them any reason to doubt your right to post your property. Posting securely to well-installed fence posts also may thwart vandalism attempts against your signs.

Step 4

Place as many no hunting signs as you think is necessary on your property. While there is no law for this either, it is best to take a walk along your property line and/or fence and use common sense for how far apart to post your signs so that they will be noticed by hunters.


  • Do not post no hunting signs on telephone poles. This is illegal and is dangerous for telephone company workers.


  • Hunters still have right to ask for permission to hunt on posted land. Be kind and courteous and explain why you have posted, and word may spread that your land is off limits for good reason.
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