Poly Choke Instructions

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The Poly-Choke is a shotgun muzzle attachment that allows the shooter to control the spread of the pellet load as it leaves the barrel. A smaller-diameter choke setting leads to a tighter pattern of shot, while a large choke results in a wide spread. The Poly-Choke can be adjusted to nine separate choke settings and can be installed on barrels that are threaded to receive a choke.

Set the Poly-Choke to its tightest choke pattern. Tighten the threaded sleeve around the choke by twisting it around. The tightest setting is called "Xtra-full."

Insert the Poly-Choke into the barrel. Turn the choke in the threads at the muzzle until the choke is fully and firmly installed onto the end of the barrel.

Adjust the choke pattern for your desired shooting result. Tight patterns are useful for shooting long distances, while wide-open patterns are more effective at short-range hunting. The three wide-open patterns can be achieved by loosening the choke one full turn or more.


  • Always be sure your firearm is unloaded before adjusting the choke or cleaning or modifying your weapon.
  • Always follow universal gun safety rules.
  • Only fire your gun when the choke is adjusted to one of the nine choke settings and never when the choke is loosened past the wide-open pattern settings. Doing so can damage or destroy the Poly-Choke.


  • The instructions for the Poly-Choke recommend that you clean it every time you clean your barrel. This will improve your shooting and maintain the quality of your choke.
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