How to Play Sloshball

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Sloshball is the increasingly popular form of kickball combined with alcohol.

Items you will need

  • At least 14 players

  • A basic understanding of kickball/softball rules

  • 1 kickball

  • 3 bases (frisbees and clothing work fine)

  • A keg (or more depending on the number of players)

  • 1 tap for the keg

  • 20+ disposable cups

  • Ice

Find an open area big and flat enough for a kickball game. If this area is at a public park, make sure it's not easily visable from the road or that you have a permit for your keg.


Set up the field so that there are 4 bases, 60 ft. apart. First base, third base and home plate require actually bases (or frisbees etc...). Place the keg where second base would normally go.

Divide the total people into two teams.

Begin "sloshball game" with one team up to kick and the other team in the field. Each member of the fielding team must have a beer in hand at all times.


Each member of the kicking team that reaches second base must consume 1 beer or 1/2 beer (to be determined before the game) before they are able to run to third base.

There are only force outs at first and second base, as an unlimited number of players on the kicking team may gather on second base, so long as they are drinking.

As with standard kickball, the teams switch places after three outs have been recorded.

Keep playing until the keg is empty or darkness prevails. Have fun and make sure not to take it too seriously. It should be fun for all!


  • Be sure to have designated drivers or adequate public transportation around. Designated drivers should replace beer with beverage of choice for their time in the field. The optimal scenario involves private property when no one will be driving that day.


  • The challenge rule is recommended. When there is a disputed call, institute the challenge rule instead of wasting time arguing. A fielding player challenges the kicking team player involved in the disputed play to a beer "chug off" to determine the correct call (generally safe or out).
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