How to Paint an Ice Rink

When you look at the ice rink during a hockey game, you can see the boundary lines and team logos through the ice. Employees do this with brightly colored paint on a plastic or cement surface.

Purchase the paint in the colors that you need. You will need white paint for the floor and colored paints such as red, blue and black for the lines.

Obtain the measurements for the hockey lines. You may also need to buy templates for the diagrams such as team logos and names.

Spray water on the rink to make several layers of ice. The ice will be too thin at this time to use a Zamboni. Use a mister to make several layers of ice.

Paint the first layer of the ice rink with the white paint. It should be solid white. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Add another layer of water to the rink after the first layer of paint is dry. Allow it to freeze solid before adding the colored lines or vinyl markings. You must add another layer of ice before adding the colored paint because they will bleed into one another.

Apply the colored paint to the ice after the water freezes. At this point you can also use colored vinyl. If you use multiple colors of paint for the lines apply a layer of ice between each one.

Use the Zamboni to smooth out and thicken the ice rink once you have several layers of ice over the top of the last layer of paint.

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