How to Paint a Gun

Some hunters choose to paint their guns for better camouflage. Other gun owners simply like to change their weapons' appearance. Whatever your reason, you can paint your own gun at home with a few basic tools.

Wipe the entire gun clean with acetone and paper towels. Remove all oils from your hands and any hint of oil you've used to lubricate the gun or the paint will not adhere properly to the gun's surface.

Apply masking tape to the parts of the gun that you do not want painted. The trigger, trigger guard, chamber and magazine should be covered. You may also want to cover the pistol grip.

Suspend the gun in the air. Some rifles have dowels on the butt of the stock that can be used, or you can use the hitch for the gun strap or the trigger guard. You can use a wire coat-hanger to suspend the weapon.

Spray on the first coat of paint, staying at least a foot from the gun to keep the paint from running. Take your time: If you spray too heavily, the paint can pool and form droplets that ruin the coat.

Let the first coat dry, then apply the second coat. If you want to camouflage the gun, use different colors for the second coat and dab them on. If you want a solid color, spray the second coat just like the first.

Remove the masking tape only after the paint has had time to dry, and leave the gun hanging for the entire drying process.


  • Make sure the gun is completely unloaded for the entire painting process.


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