How to Paint a Bowling Ball

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Painting a bowling ball can give you a new look without having to spend money on a new ball. You can decide to paint decals on the bowling ball as well as paint it pitch black or bright pink. If you want to give a special gift to a loved one or want to change your bowling leagues status, painting your ball can accomplish this.

Items you will need

  • Spray Paint Newspaper Thick Panel of Cardboard Thin Panel of Cardboard Box Cutter or Scissors

Purchase spray paint. The paint can be located in various stores in your area. Hardware, home improvement and department stores all carry spray paint in their inventory. You will want to search for an all-purpose spray paint. This type of item works well on different surfaces. Also, look for a glossy finish as well as quick drying.

Prepare the bowling ball. Lay the newspaper on the floor and around the area. Use your box cutter or an equivalent tool to cut a circle out of the thick cardboard. The circle does not need to be perfect; however, the ball must fit into the circle so it does not roll while you are painting. Use the box cutter again to cut strips out of the thin piece of cardboard. Three strips are required. These will be used in the holes of the ball so you do not get paint inside. Roll the strips up and place them inside each hole. Leave about an inch outside the bowling ball hole to be able to remove them easily.

Place the thick cardboard on top of the newspapers. Put the bowling ball inside the cut out circle with the holes on top.

Shake the spray paint vigorously. You will want to mix the paint before you begin changing the color of your bowling ball. Start at the top of the ball and spray in a circle. Move around the bowling ball from the top around the ball to the bottom. Even strokes are required to paint the ball appropriately.

Let dry. All paint dries at different times. Check the instructions on your specific spray paint for the recommended time. To be confident that the paint is completely dry, allow 24 hours before you move the ball.

Remove the cardboard from the holes after the paint is dry. You will still have a part on the bottom of the ball that has not been painted yet. This is the part that was sitting in the hole of the cardboard. Turn it upside down and place the holes inside the cardboard. Repeat step 4 and 5 to finish painting the bowling ball.


  • Be sure to paint in a well-ventilated area. Wear safety goggles and gloves before painting. Spread out the newspaper so that you do not accidentally paint the floor, wall or other objects near by.
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