Ozark Trail Sun Shelter 2080 Instructions

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An Ozark Trail Sun Shelter weighs as little as 4.8 pounds, making it easy to carry with you on your next outdoor adventure. Simple instructions and the easy-up designs of Ozark Trail's latest sun shelter models make it a cinch to set up in about 30 seconds. The shelter is convenient whether you're stopping for lunch along a sunny trail or spending all day at the beach.

Types of Ozark Trail Sun Shelters

Ozark Trail has re-innovated its sun shelter models since the 2080 model, made prior to 2011. The newer generations include a Model W418.1A 8-foot-by-6-foot sun shelter with two poles that slide through pockets. The other model, the Ozark Trail 8-foot-by-8-foot Instant Sun Shade, is an unfolding model with its tent poles attached.

Unpack It

Whether you have a model with sewn-in or separate poles, you'll want to unpack it at home the first time. It's easier to familiarize yourself with the process in the comfort of your own backyard or living room, away from the wind. You can also easily dispose of packing materials and the cardboard box without having to worry about the wind blowing them away or packing out the trash.

Lay It Out

Lay the contents of your sun shelter out on a smooth, level area free of rocks and other sharp objects. Unzip the carrying pouch, and remove the contents: The 8-foot-by-6-foot model comes with a bag of tent poles, a bag of tent pegs, and the rolled up sun shelter. Remove the poles and pegs from their respective bags, and put the loose bags back inside the carrying case to prevent them from getting lost.

Set It Up Instantly

The 8-foot-by-8-foot Instant Sun Shade is the easiest of the two to set up. Simply fold down the sides of the shelter from the center, straighten the folding joints and extend the sliding poles to their full length. Support clips hold the top of the extending poles to the upper fabric of the sun shelter. With experience, you'll be able to pop the sun shelter up in about 30 seconds. Taking it down is equally as fast, and an expandable carrying bag means you don't have to waste time folding and compressing to make it fit.

Some Assembly Required

To set up the 8-foot-by-6-foot sun shelter, spread the canopy out on the ground with the pole sleeves facing up. Assemble the pieces of the two metal poles. Each section of pole is permanently connected to the other by elastic cord, eliminating the time needed to figure out which piece goes where.

Slide each pole through the sleeves on the canopy. The legs on the pole that went through the sleeves farthest away from you should face in your direction, and the legs on the closer sleeve should face away. Connect the poles to a metal pin attached to a ring at each corner of the sun shelter. Finish by using the provided clips and ties to secure the tent fabric to the poles.

The canopy is easy to take down; simply follow the directions in reverse. Make sure you roll the canopy tightly and tie it with a length of paracord or other string to keep it taut so it fits in the bag.

Make It Secure

Both models of the Ozark Trail shelter come with tent pegs and sandbags to secure your shelter against wind. Simply push or hammer the pegs through the metal rings along the edges of the tent or fill the empty sandbags to provide a counterweight. For windier conditions, bring paracord to secure the metal rings to a log, boulder or tree for more stability.


  • Unpack your canopy again at home, out in the yard, and shake it to remove any sand, dirt or other grit that can cause wear before storing. Make sure the sun shade canopy is completely dry to prevent mildew from developing during storage.

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