How to Order a Nameplate for a Plano Tackle Box

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If you are an avid fisherman and want to personalize your Plano tackle box, you can order a nameplate from the manufacturer. Plano provides various storage and organization solutions for fishermen, and that includes tackle boxes. Along with the nameplate, Plano’s innovative tackle boxes can be customized with various trays, drawers and storage compartments.

How to Order a Nameplate

Every tackle box sold by Plano comes with a brochure and a nameplate order form. As of 2017, Plano does not offer online purchasing services for nameplates, so you must order the plate through the mail using the provided form. Fill out the order form with your name, address, tackle box model number and the wording to go on the nameplate. Mail the completed form and payment to the address on the order form. The cost of the nameplate will vary depending on size, shape and wording.

Replacement Order Form

If you lost the brochure and order form that came with your tackle box, you can contact Plano’s customer service department to obtain a replacement. Customer service can be reached by telephone (1-800-226-9868) or through the contact form on the Plano Molding website. A new order form will be sent to you through email or by mail, depending on your preference.

Types of Tackle Boxes

Plano sells a large variety of tackle boxes to accommodate the needs of all anglers. No matter your skill level, frequency of use or personal preferences, Plano will likely have a tackle box that fits your needs. Boxes are available in different styles, sizes and materials, including soft crates, tray boxes, drawer and rack boxes, and satchels. Compartments on some of the boxes are removable and interchangeable, allowing you to customize the box.

About Plano

Looking for a solution to old-time heavy metal or cumbersome wood tackle boxes, Plano designed and manufactured the first molded plastic box in 1952. The lighter-weight, rustproof tackle box that could withstand saltwater was an instant hit among fishermen and changed the entire fishing industry. Working off their angler success, Plano Molding went on to apply their innovative storage solutions to various fields, including those in the hunting, golf and cosmetic industries.

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