How to Operate a Glock

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Glock handguns are made by GmbH Glock of Austria. Selected as an everyday duty weapon by many local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, Glock pistols feature a steel slide and a polymer frame. The design of the Glock is straightforward to allow for ease of use and maintenance. It is also popular among target shooters and home owners for defense, the Glock is easy to shoot and accurate right out of the box.

Inspect the magazine of the Glock handgun to ensure that the correct caliber of ammunition is being used and that it is loaded properly. Use only the ammunition that the gun is chambered for.

Put on hearing protection and safety glasses. Place the magazine into the grip of the Glock. Push the magazine completely in to the grip until it locks into place. Keep your finger away from the trigger and point the gun in a safe direction even though a round is not chambered.

Hold the grip of the Glock with your dominant hand. The V between your thumb and index finger should be along the rear of the grip. Wrap your fingers comfortably around the grip and place your index finger alongside, but not on, the trigger.

Continue to point the Glock in a safe direction and grasp the steel slide of the gun with your opposite hand. Pull the slide back to allow a round to move from the magazine to the chamber. Release the slide and allow it to move completely forward. This will seat the round in the barrel and seal the firing chamber.

Raise the barrel of the Glock toward the target. Turn your free hand palm up and place it underneath your dominant hand, and cup the side of the hand holding the gun and the bottom of the grip. Wrap your fingers and thumb around the dominant hand to support it.

Locate the target between the sights on the rear of the gun. Raise the front sight so it rests on the target and can be seen in the window of the rear sight. Place your finger on the trigger, take a deep breath and hold it. Squeeze your hand around the grip of the Glock to press the trigger. Do not pull or yank on the trigger as this can cause your shot to pull to the side.


  • Check behind you, along the shooting lane and behind the target area to make sure no one is in a position where they could be injured by your shot.


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