How to Put a New Line on a Fishing Rod

Check your line periodically for any crinkled or weak spots. Even if it looks clean, it's best to replace your line once a year. Here's how to do that:

Remove the old line from the reel.

Thread the new line through the eyes on the pole.

Tie the line to the reel.

Wind the line onto the reel 20 cranks.

Check the line for twists. If twisted, turn the spool of line over.

Fill the reel to 1/8 inch from the spool rim.


  • Dispose of the old line in a trash container. Fish and wildlife can become tangled in a nest of line and die.


  • If using a closed reel, place a pencil through the center of the spool and have someone hold the pencil to keep tension on the line.
  • If using an open-faced reel, lay the spool on the floor so the line comes off counterclockwise.

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