Mercury Outboard 115 Troubleshooting

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The Mercury 115-horsepower outboard boat motor requires consistent and regular maintenance to run efficiently. The most common sources of problems are the internal water passages, the fuel line, propeller and spark plugs.

Engine Won't Start

If the Mercury Outboard 115 will not start, this can indicate a variety of things. A simple issue may be that the spark plugs need replacing. Another issue may be that fuel line is clogged and fuel isn't reaching the engine. Fuel lines often clog if the engine is run through salty, muddy or polluted water.

Leaking Fuel

Leaking fuel or the smell gasoline may indicate that the fuel line is swollen, cracked and/or leaking. Owners may notice a rainbow color of gasoline in the water. Another indication of a fuel leak is that the Mercury 115 outboard needs to be filled with gasoline more often. Fuel lines should be visually inspected on a regular basis to avoid fuel leaks.

Loss of Horsepower

If the Mercury 115 begins losing horsepower and no changes have been made to the body of the boat itself, the problem may be with the propeller. If run through salt water on a regular basis and not properly lubricated or washed, the propeller and propeller shaft will begin to corrode. The motor loses torque and ultimately, horsepower.

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