How to Measure the Length of a Trolling Motor Shaft

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Fishermen and others use trolling motors when they want to move quietly around a body of water. While trolling motors can be attached to and used on a wide variety of boats, the size of the boat and the length of the trolling motor shaft, which is the area of the motor between the head and the prop, must be in line. Measuring the length of the trolling motor shaft is necessary before anglers can properly determine which trolling motor fits on their boat.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure or other measuring instrument

  • Trolling motor

Place the trolling motor on the ground so the shaft faces upward. This should be done on a dry, hard surface.

The shaft is the part of the trolling motor between the head and the prop. Using a tape measure, measure that distance.

Record the distance, noting that the length of most trolling motor shafts are in increments of 1 foot (such as 36 inches, 48 inches or 60 inches).


  • To determine the shaft length a trolling motor needs to be to fit the various sizes of boats, measure the distance from the surface of the water to where the trolling motor will be mounted. Adding 18 to 24 inches to this total, then rounding to the nearest foot, tells you the necessary shaft length.
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