How to Measure the Length of a Travel Trailer

How to Measure the Length of a Travel Trailer

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Travel trailers make traveling easy because you can take your accommodations and belongings with you on your vacation. When planning your vacation, you will usually need to make a reservation at an RV campground to park your trailer. These campgrounds require you to know the length of your trailer to ensure that all the trailers they book can fit on the grounds. You might also need to measure the length to fit your trailer for accessories like a protective cover. Although the manufacturer's label has dimensions listed, it is always best to take your own measurements.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure

Determine the reason for measuring the travel trailer so you'll know which parts to measure. Trailer covers fit around the tow hitch, but RV campgrounds will need the full length of the trailer, including the tow hitch.

Hold one end of the tape measure in line with the farthest protruding part of the rear bumper, which is usually the center point if the bumper is curved. It is helpful to have a second person hold the tape in place for you.

Stretch the measuring tape down the length of the travel trailer's cabin and mark the measurement for the farthest protruding part of the front bumper. This is the measurement you use to fit most trailer covers.

Place one end of your measuring tape at the point where your tow hitch meets the trailer cabin. If the front bumper extends beyond the beginning of the tow hitch, start at the farthest protruding part of the bumper instead.

Stretch the tape out to the farthest point of the tow hitch and mark this as the measurement for the tow hitch. If the hitch is angled upward, you will need to mark the distance it extends straight forward rather than measuring the entire length of the hitch.

Add the measurement of the trailer cabin and the measurement of the trailer hitch to determine the total length of your trailer. This is the measurement you will need to provide when making a reservation for your trailer at a campground.


  • Double-check with the employee at the campground or the cover manufacturer so you know exactly which measurements they require.
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